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Mr. Timipre Sylva, the former Bayelsa state governor has urged Nigerian youths to engage in entrepreneurship in order to boost economic development.

Mr. Sylva was keeping it real at the launch of Cake O’Clock, a new bakery in Abuja on Sunday. He said “Nigeria’s development will depend on the growth of entrepreneurship, because if you look at the job numbers, jobs created by entrepreneurs and the private sector are more than those created by government.”

Mr. Sylva knows that the jobs provided by the government do not suffice. This is a wake up call to all those lazy youths waiting for connection or government appointment. Mr. Timipre has been there and he’s saying the truth.

“There is huge unemployment problem in Nigeria, and I think that unemployment problem can only be solved by entrepreneurship.”

There are so many entrepreneurs out there who are tackling the issue of unemployment by being self employed and employing other youths to work with them. If we could actively engage in entrepreneurship and help each other by providing employment, the economy would grow.

Mr. Timipre Sylva also addressed the issue of “copy-copy” or “follow-follow”. He said:

“Once Nigerians see a thing succeed, everyone wants to do the exact same thing.”

This is not the way to go. The truth is just because it’s working for someone does not mean it will work for you. If everybody begins to venture into the same thing, competition increases and customer loyalty reduces.

Even if you want to copy someone else, here’s a tip; Be different. Make people want to buy from you. Offer discounts, do giveaways, communicate with your customers. Little factors such as these go a long way.

Mr. Sylva also said that people should think hard enough and look for other areas to create. “There are thousands of opportunities in the country, and I believe every young person interested in entrepreneurship will find a niche, if they think hard enough.”

Sometimes, youths can be lazy when it comes to thinking outside the box. But, if you think hard enough, you will find your niche. It could be fashion design, cooking, speaking, painting, eating (yes! you could be a professional food taster or food judge), or anything. Just make sure to stand out in your field.



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