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 The first and most important thing to do is to not think about yourself just as a woman, you are not just a woman, you are a startup entrepreneur. That supersedes any other identity that you have. The minute you put another identity above that it becomes a limitation for yourself: limitation in your own mindset, and in your own perception of your abilities. If entrepreneurship is what you want to do, think of yourself first and foremost as an entrepreneur; not as your nationality, not your gender, nothing.

When pitching for funds never feel intimidated, especially in front of investors. A lot of women lack the confidence to go after what they want because they believe it is such a male-dominated area and a lot of younger females are intimidated by that.

Hire freelancers and outsource. A lot of business owners try to do everything themselves, it doesn’t work that way. It’s not going to scale. The only way to scale is if you hire experts in specific fields and you get them to help you.

Keep focused on what it is you’re trying to do. Your worst enemy is going to be yourself throughout this journey. Be original. Don’t think of yourself as an extension of anything; whether it’s a culture, a place, an environment or industry. Have the guts, have the courage and the belief in what you do. 

Don’t be afraid to knock on doors. If someone says ‘No’, no means next!!  Trust your intuition. If you’ve done your homework then trust your intuition.



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