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Money personalities have been analyzed in a variety of ways and many people can identify with parts of several of these profiles. The key is to find the type that most closely matches your behavior. 


They have all the best cars, latest gadgets and designers. They have the money and are not afraid to spend it big. When it comes to keeping up with the Kardashians, they are the Kardashians.


They are not concerned about anything trending, they turn off the lights immediately they leave the room. Shop only when important and even then they will rather “bend down and select” , instead of going to a store. They are very conservative.


They can’t resist spending, they are the “if I perish people” even if it comes down to buying items they don’t need. If they have enough money or not, as long as they want it, they just have t get it. They are very similar to the Big Spenders.


They often times spend more than they earn. They aren’t trying to make a statement with their expenditures, and they don’t shop to entertain or cheer themselves up. They simply don’t spend much time thinking about their money and therefore don’t keep tabs on what they spend and where they spend it.

businessman and businesswoman carry giant debt time bomb. Business and finance concept.



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