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By Williams Prayer.

Are you a fresh graduate? Are you at home right now thinking of the next step to take? Time is precious, and it is important that you spend every single second of your time doing something worthwhile.
It is okay to wait for NYSC, but do you really want to stay home idle?
There are a lot of things you can occupy yourself with just before your NYSC, you can;
1. Apply for an internship job: Instead of staying home, you can apply for 6 months internship till your nysc period, pending when it will be. This will enable you improve on the skills you have and also build you up on what to expect in the actual work environment you intend to work in the nearest future. This can also help in building your work experience for your cvs and resume.
2. Offer voluntary services: It is important that you give back to your community as youths. Offering voluntary services like helping out in motherless baby homes, less privileged homes or adult homes can come a long way in bettering our society.
3. Take up professional courses: Are there skills you wished you possess? Is there anything that interests you and always get your attention? You can take up professional courses to acquire such skills. This is the best time for to do so. It will come a long way building you intellectually.
4. Take that skill to the next level: There is something you are very good at. There is something you love doing so much with ease. Is it photography or baking, graphic design or pattern making?, Why not take it to the next level? You can be a freelancer and offer your services to people. Make money out of it watch yourself turn into a multi-millionaire. Remember that you would soon start taking up responsibilities, so why not start now to prepare for such.



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