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As an entrepreneur, the people you have around you mater. They are popularly regarded as one’s “support system.” Who is your support system made of? Are they truthful? Are they supportive? Are they givers or borrowers?

From the tweet above, it is obvious that not all friends are supportive. The fact that they went elsewhere to get their dresses makes me angry. As an entrepreneur, you should have friends that have the following qualities:

  1. Honesty: When you share your business ideas with your friends, how do they react? You should have friends that keep it real with you. If it’s a bad idea or good idea, they should let you know. However, they should let you know in an easy manner if it’s a bad idea. Such honest friends should help you come up with a better idea, if it’s bad.


  1. Support: Your friends should be supportive. If your friend does not support what you do, then he/she should not be called a friend. Being supportive entails being your hype man, reposting for you on social media, patronising you without a discount, recommending you to their other friends and family. Being supportive does not necessarily mean giving you money to start, but hey… There are tons of businesses out there that were founded by two people and they are doing great! However, do remember that friendship and business don’t mix.


  1. Understanding: Your friends should be understanding when it comes to certain decisions you have to make as an entrepreneur. For example, Tola’s wedding is coming up and the aso ebi is 70k. Your business is just starting and you don’t have 70k to spend on aso ebi. Two things, please don’t borrow money for aso ebi. Secondly, share your situation with your friends. Tola should understand. You can still make the wedding, but you really don’t have to wear the aso ebi, do you?



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